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Congratulations 2024 CSSS Track Grads!

The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences is proud to recognize PhD students who have completed the respective tracks in their PhD Programs. This year, we congratulated 13 students from the following departments: Department of Communication, Department of Political Science, Department of Sociology, Department of Statistics, School of Social Work, and the Department of Urban Design and Planning. 

The tracks typically involve completing at least 4 advanced CSSS courses and attending weekly CSSS seminars for a minimum of one quarter. 

Letters of recognition were presented at the CSSS seminar on Wednesday, May 1st. On that day, we had presentations from three of this year's track graduates, Kaylea Champion from the Department of Communication (pictured bottom middle), Chin-Wei Chen from the Department of Urban Design and Planning (pictured bottom left), and Nathan Welch from the Department of Statistics (pictured bottom right). 

Graduates Siman Ning from the Department of Urban Design and Planning (top right) and Hung-Peng Lin from the School of Social Work (middle right) are also included in the photo. You can find the full list of all CSSS alums by year and home department at this link

5 images of CSSS track grads with Elena Erosheva