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CSSS seminar to recognize students who completed CSSS track, present “How To Think Clearly About The Central Limit Theorem” Wed. May 24

The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences is proud to recognize PhD students who have completed the respective tracks in their PhD Programs. This year, we will congratulate 15 students from the following departments: the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, Foster School of Business, School of Social Work, Urban Design and Planning, Statistics, Political Science, and Sociology.

The Tracks typically involve completing at least four advanced CSSS courses and attending weekly CSSS seminars for a minimum of one quarter.

Letters of recognition will be presented before the CSSS seminar on Wed., May 24.

On that day, we will have a special seminar by Oscar Olvera Astivia, assistant professor of Measurement and Statistics at the UW College of Education. Astivia’s talk will focus on the central limit theorem (CLT) which is one of the most important theorems in statistics. The CLT is often introduced in introductory statistics courses. It is also often misunderstood.

Astivia’s talk will discuss common misconceptions of the CLT and clarify the definition, properties, and implications of the CLT in a manner that is approachable to a broad audience. Through this talk, attendees will obtain a more accurate and nuanced understanding of how the CLT operates as well as its role in a variety of statistical concepts and techniques.

The seminar will take place Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, at 12:30 p.m. in Savery 409.


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