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Register now for 2024 Math Camp

The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) provides an annual one-week math camp to review/introduce mathematics, probability, and R in order to help prepare students for statistical coursework during the academic year. Math camp is open to any entering or current UW graduate students, and it is particularly suitable for social science graduate students in early years of study in departments with CSSS tracks, interested in pursuing a quantitatively-oriented research career or preparing for advanced CSSS statistics courses.

Math camp starts with a review of fractions and algebra and does not assume prior exposure to statistics or programming. Part of the purpose of this workshop is to provide students with math camp lecture notes they can use in upcoming coursework/research to refresh their memories of key concepts and tools and notation.

Our instructors this year are Jess Kunke and Adam Visokay. Jess has co-taught math camp for the past two years and has served as a teaching assistant for CSSS courses as well. A Ph.D. student in Statistics, she loves working with graduate students from all departments to make this material accessible and relevant to them. Adam is a math camp alum and a Ph.D. student in Sociology. With a background in Economics, Adam enjoys participating in interdisciplinary social science research. We look forward to working with you this year!

More information about math camp along with the 2024 schedule and the registration form can be found here.

Registration open for CSSS Math Camp