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Math Camp Schedule

9am-12pm, The Commons (PAR 320): Review math concepts, do practice problems

12-1pm, The Commons (PAR 320): Lunch/break

1-2pm, The Commons (PAR 320): Office hour/extra practice

2-4pm, Denny Forum (PAR 360): Introduction to R programming language


Day Math Concepts R Lab Content
Mon 9/9
  • Algebra
  • Linear equations and systems of equations
  • Functions and limits
  • Intro to R Studio interface
  • Basic operations and variables in R
  • Reading in and exploring data
Tue 9/10
  • Matrices
  • Data manipulation and visualization with tidyverse
Wed 9/11
  • Derivatives
  • Optimization (finding minima/maxima)
  • Data manipulation and visualization with tidyverse (continued)
Thu 9/12
  • Intro to probability (sets, basic rules, conditional probability)
  • Random variables (bernoulli, binomial, uniform, normal; expectation, variance)
  • Probability distributions (pmfs/pdfs))
  • Probability and sampling
Fri 9/13
  • Integrals
  • Numerical approximation to integrals
  • Monte Carlo integration
  • Flex time to go over anything that was confusing/could use more practice
  • Data Extensions and TBD