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This document describes the guidelines for completing a Nursing Science Statistics concentration as part of a Ph.D. in Nursing.


The Social Statistics concentration in the Nursing PhD program enables students to develop expertise in applied statistical skills and tools for carrying out quantitative research. The concentration is largely built around a curriculum developed by the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS; course code: CS&SS). Students who complete the Nursing Science Statistics Concentration will have advanced training in statistics for social science research relevant to their own research needs. A Letter of Recognition is awarded by the CSSS to students who complete the concentration.

Social Statistics Concentration Committee In Nursing

Students completing a concentration in Social Statistics work with their chair and supervisory committee to develop a Statistics Area of Concentration Coursework Proposal as part their overall Program of Study. The supervisory committee must include one member related to the statistics area of concentration: a School of Nursing graduate faculty member who is currently teaching quantitative methodology in nursing; a School of Nursing faculty member who is also a CSSS affiliate faculty member; and/or a core faculty member from CSSS.

Concentration Requirements

In order to begin work in the statistics area of concentration, students must have completed the basic statistical and methodological course requirements for the PhD program. In addition, their supervisory committee must be established.

Students must develop a concentration that consists of four advanced statistical courses described and justified in the approved Area of Concentration Coursework Proposal. At least three of the four courses should be CSSS 500-level courses.

The four courses must be completed with grades of 3.3 or above. Additionally, two quarters of the CSSS seminar, CS&SS 590, are required.

Upon completion of all courses and the seminar, students must submit summaries of courses completed, course syllabi, grades, and any relevant assignments, including papers or projects, to their supervisory committee for review. They must also submit the completed program to the CSSS Director.

Statistics Area Of Concentration Coursework Proposal

Your Coursework Proposal describes your coursework's relevance to the statistics area of concentration, and should contain the following elements:

  • At least two quarters of the CSSS seminar, CS&SS 590.
  • Four additional advanced statistics courses, at least three of which must be selected from the CSSS list of approved courses for the nursing concentration.
  • Rationale for the selection of specific courses.
  • The proposed sequence (quarter and year) in which you will take each statistics course.
  • A letter notifying the CSSS Director of your intention to pursue the concentration.

Contact Information

If you have further questions, you may contact:

  • Jenny Hsin-Chun Tsai, Associate Professor, Department of Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing,
  • Han Seo, Graduate Program Advisor,


General Tips And Additional Information

Math Camp is an intensive one-week introduction to fundamental concepts of mathematics and probability designed to help prepare social science graduate students for advanced courses in statistical methodology in general, and CSSS courses in particular. Math Camp is offered in September.

CSSS one-credit courses: Consider as preparation for more advanced courses.
CS&SS 505 Review of Mathematics for Social Scientists
CS&SS 508 Introduction to R for Social Scientists

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