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CSSS provides free statistical consulting to current UW faculty, staff, and students working on social science problems, broadly defined. Our consultants offer guidance at any stage of a project from study design and planning through the selection statistical methods to the interpretation of model results. However, we recommend involving a statistician at the earliest stage possible, as this ensures the best scientific foundation for statistical analyses. Please note that CSSS consultants do not generally provide statistical software support nor do consultants run analyses for consulting clients.


  • Assistance with study planning and design
  • Review of the analysis section of proposals and reports
  • Advice on data visualization and presentation
  • Assistance with the choice and application of statistical methods
  • Development of specialized statistical methods

Summer Quarter appointments have ended. Consulting services will resume in Autumn Quarter.

Please refer to the appointment calendar here.

Consulting RA: Sara LaPlante

Note: CSSS Consulting does not offer appointments or drop-in consulting during university breaks.


Getting the Most Out of Your Consulting Session

If you are at the planning stage of your study, please provide us with:

  • A well written abstract including specific hypotheses and details regarding variables.
  • Pilot study description and data.
  • Supporting literature review.

If you are at the analysis stage of your study, please provide us with:

  • A well defined hypothesis.
  • A description of the study.
  • A copy of any survey instrument used.
  • Output of code and error statements
Acknowledging the Consulting Service

Please help to acknowledge the role the CSSS consulting played in your research. A sample text that you could include in a publication: “This research used statistical consulting resources provided by the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, University of Washington.”