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CSSS provides free statistical consulting to current UW faculty, staff, and students working on social science problems. We offer guidance at any stage of a project -- from study design and planning through the selection and interpretation of statistical models. 

Please note that during quarters when the consulting services of the Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics are closed, we may not be able to provide services outside of our affiliate departments, as requests during this time can be high and we are a small consulting unit. Biomedical statistical consulting as well as other services can be found here.

For help with coding in R, Stata, SAS, SPSS, Python, or other statistical software, you may want to contact the Center for Social Science Computation & Research (CSSCR).  Our service at CSSS does not provide consultation on how to use statistical software, but we are happy to assist with statistical questions or concepts that may be connected to computing (e.g., model selection and interpretation, research design, best practices for addressing specific issues in your data). If you aren't sure whether your question is connected to computing or statistics, please feel free to contact us and we can help you decide.


  • Assistance with study planning and design
  • Review of the analysis section of proposals and reports
  • Advice on data visualization and presentation
  • Assistance with the choice and application of statistical methods
  • Development of specialized statistical methods


    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

    5:00pm to 5:50pm and 6:00pm to 6:50pm

    Consultations are held by appointment only.

    Consulting RA: Sara LaPlante


    Please email: to request a time and to receive appointment information.


    Note: CSSS Consulting does not offer appointments or drop-in consulting during university breaks.


    How to Schedule an Appointment

    Once you email us, we may request additional information about your project to understand how best we can help. This information typically includes the following:

    • A brief overview of your project
    • What stage of the project you are at (e.g., design, analysis, interpretation)
    • What analyses you may be considering (e.g., t-test, linear regression, cluster analysis)
    • What your outcome variables look like if you have any (e.g., continuous, count, binary, ordinal, nominal)
    • A description of any notable patterns in your data (e.g., repeated measures)

    Please note that scheduling an appointment may take several days. We recommend reaching out early to ensure there is ample time to address your consulting needs.

    Acknowledging the Consulting Service

    Please help to acknowledge the role the CSSS consulting played in your research. A sample text that you could include in a publication: “This research used statistical consulting resources provided by the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, University of Washington.”