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CSSS is a community of faculty and graduate students with interests and expertise in statistics and the social sciences. The heart of CSSS is its core faculty members, who were hired specifically to study and teach at the intersection of statistics and social science. Each core faculty member has an appointment in one or more academic disciplines and participates fully in departmental life. In addition, core faculty members offer resources and courses for the CSSS community. 

Other faculty at the UW working at the intersection of statistics and social sciences may become affiliate members of CSSS. Currently CSSS has over 100 affiliated faculty. 

Graduate students may become involved in CSSS in several ways: by taking courses, by completing a PhD CSSS Track, by attending the seminar, by working with a CSSS faculty member, or by TAing a CSSS course. A high proportion of graduate students who complete CSSS tracks go on to tenure track positions at research institutions. 

CSSS is supported by an excellent staff that provides administrative, fiscal, and technical support to the CSSS community. 

Our alumni include more than 300 students from across multiple disciplines who have completed CSSS tracks as part of their PhD training in their departments.