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Am I redundant? How AI will shape the Future of Work

Headshot of Shamsi Iqbal

Shamsi T. Iqbal

Shamsi T. Iqbal


The world of work has undergone many challenges in recent times. The newest disruptor, Artificial intelligence (AI), in the backdrop of Remote and Hybrid work, is yet again transforming work in ways that are unprecedented. AI can augment human capabilities, automate tasks, create new jobs, and disrupt existing ones and enable organizations to revamp their working styles to achieve desired outcomes. How can workers and employers adapt to these changes and leverage the potential of AI for social and economic benefits? Who is best positioned to benefit from AI and how? This talk will provide an overview of the current state and future trends of AI and its impact on the labor market, skills, education, and ethics. It will also discuss challenges in determining success metrics for AI in its impact on the future of work.


Dr. Shamsi T. Iqbal is a Principal Applied and Data Science Manager at Microsoft, where she leads research on science and data-backed innovations for the Viva Insights product. Her main expertise is in attention management in multitasking domains, and she has recently worked on topics such as co-pilot experiences, hybrid work, microproductivity, and well-being in interaction design. She has published over 80 academic papers and given 50+ research presentations, and her work has gained media attention on the future of work, attention economy, and microproductivity. She has also served in various roles for HCI conferences, was a guest editor for a special issue on the Future of Work, and co-authored the Future of Work reports by Microsoft. Shamsi received her Ph.D.  specializing in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008.