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A discussion on transitioning from academia to industry

Stephanie Lee & Lynette Shaw

Stephanie Lee and Lynette Shaw are both CSSS alumni and will be speaking on their transition from academia to industry. 

Stephanie Lee is a CSSS alum who was a software engineer before beginning graduate studies at the Evans School of Public Administration and UW Department of Sociology and working at UW's Center for Social Science Computation and Research (CSSCR). In 2019, she was a fellow at the Insight Data Science program and transitioned back to industry to apply her quantitative and social science training to interesting data problems. Stephanie is currently a solutions architect at Databricks, a software company that provides a cloud-based platform for large-scale data processing, data science, and analytics. She works with data scientists in the communications and media sector on developing and refining machine learning models and implementing best practices for the machine learning lifecycle. 

Lynette Shaw is a CSSS Alumni who received her Ph.D. from UW Sociology in 2016. After spending 4 years as a Fellow at the University of Michigan’s Center for the Study of Complex Systems, she transitioned into the private sector via the Insight Data Science Fellowship program in the Fall of 2020. She is currently a Lead Data Scientist with a LexisNexis venture company, Knowable, Inc., that uses machine learning to assist in the conversion of unstructured contract text into structured data sources. In addition to her professional work with supervised machine learning, natural language processing, hypothesis testing, and Generative AI, she has leveraged her CSSS training to help steward the development of Polis, an open source platform which uses dimensionality reduction and clustering methods to facilitate large scale-online deliberations and which has been deployed across the world by groups including social movement organizations, cities, nation states, and the UN.