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Opportunities in Everyday Technology Research for Children with Autism [Virtual Only]

Pictured: Frederick Shic

Frederick Shic

The development of technologies for use with neurodevelopmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have been outpacing our ability to rigorously test and evaluate. This talk examines the multifaceted ways technologies are impacting the lives of children with ASD, and the considers prior and ongoing efforts to understand their effects. Platforms discussed include mobile applications, video games, social robots, and virtual/augmented reality. Applications include systems for measuring developmental abilities (including early screening for autism), systems with therapeutic or educational intent, and augmentative aids. We discuss the translation of “high science” into practical tools, with examples from attentional and cognitive research using eye-tracking technologies. We conclude with a discussion regarding the gaps in our knowledge, our ongoing need to consider equitable access, and future opportunities.