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What is driving low rates of childhood vaccination in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)?

Headshot of Roy Burstein

Roy Burstein

Roy Burstein


In this presentation, I will discuss several collaborative research efforts dedicated to uncovering the underlying reasons for high rates of non-vaccination among children in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I will focus on three areas: intention to vaccinate, the accessibility of vaccination services, and the readiness of the health system. Our work draws upon a rich variety of data sources to build a comprehensive understanding of these factors. These include survey data, administrative records, programmatic information, and geospatial analytics. We explore the distribution of these factors across the country and among different population groups and examine how these elements, both individually and together, impact vaccination rates. By conducting in-depth quantitative analyses on these factors for the first time, we aim to uncover actionable insights to  inform the development of programs, policies, and investments designed to improve vaccination coverage DRC.


Roy is a CSSS alum, graduating with a PhD from the Department of Global Health in 2018.