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What is ORCID?

ORCIDs disambiguate researchers and connects people with their research activities. This includes employment affiliations, research outputs, funding, peer review activity, research resources, society membership, distinctions and other scholarly infrastructure.

ORCID serves as an information hub, enabling authors and reviewers to reliably connect to their contributions. You can read more about the mission of ORCID here:

What is it useful for at CSSS?

When your ORCID is linked, you will have an ORCID "label" displayed next to your name and your ORCID will be displayed on your profile page. This allows people to easily identify you, your research, academic and work record.Image of User Profile

Additionally, if you have your ORCID linked to your ArXiv profile, any paper where you are listed as an author on ArXiv will automatically be pulled in and displayed on your CSSS Profile page.

A recent collection of papers linked in such manner will also be highlighted on the front page of the department website.

How do I connect my CSSS Profile to my ORCID?

In order to setup your ORCID connection, you need to grant permission for UW Statistics to read your ORCID record. To do so, log on to the CSSSApps server ( and select "My Profile".

In the "Additional Information" box you will find a ORCID button. Click the button to start the association process. Screenshot of ORCID Sign In PageYou will be re-directed to the ORCID site. If you already have an ORCID, click the "Sign In" link and proceed.  If you do not have an ORCID yet, fill out the required information to create one.

After you have signed in to (or created your) ORCID you will be taken to the "Authorize Access" page where you can grant University of Washington Statistics access to your ORCID Profile. 

A short time after your ORCID has been connected, your pre-prints at ArXiv will be pulled in. This process occurs on a periodic basis. If you do not see your papers after a day or so, either you are not listed as an author on any papers hosted on ArXiv or your ArXiv record is not connected to your ORCID yet.

How do I connect my ORCID to my ArXiv profile?

In order to accurately pull in information from ArXiv, we rely on ORCIDs as identifiers. If you have not associated your ArXiv profile with your ORCID you should do that now. In addition to enabling functionality on the CSSS website, having your ORCID associated with your ArXiv profile will disambiguate you from other researchers with the same or similar name reducing confusion over the authorship of papers.

You can link your ORCID to your ArXiv profile here:

How do I sort / hide papers from ArXiv on my CSSS Profile?

By default all papers on ArXiv where you are listed as an author are pulled in. You are able to sort these papers to move high importance papers to the top of the list, in addition to hiding papers from profile page if that is desired. To manage what is displayed on your CSSS Profile page, log on to CSSSApps ( and go to "My Profile". In the "Additional Information" page, below ORCID, is a "Manage Pre-prints" line. The number of papers found on ArXiv is displayed. Click on the gear icon to the right to manage the display of pre-prints.