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Adrian Dobra


Professor, Statistics

Research Interests

Multivariate Spatiotemporal Models, Variable and Model Selection, Graphical Models, Privacy and Disclosure Limitation, Disability among Elderly, Network Analysis of Large Scale Gene Expression Patterns, Disease Risk Assessment


I am a statistician and social scientist whose methodological research focuses on the development of high-dimensional multivariate spatiotemporal models, on variable and model selection, and on graphical models. My work has been published in journals such as JASA, The Annals of Statistics, PNAS, AOAS, JMVA, JCGS, and Plos One. In the past, my applied work had a broad range with key foci related to privacy and disclosure limitation, on the characterization of levels of disability among the elderly, on pathway determination from network analysis of large scale gene expression patterns, on disease risk assessment from genome-wide association studies. Most of my current work relates to human mobility research based on geo-located temporal data recorded by wearable sensors with applications in public health, especially HIV.