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Alumni - Social Work

Jessica Lapham

2022 · Social work

Andrea Portillo

2022 · Social work

Hazal Erçin-Swearinger

2021 · Social work

Thomas O. Walton

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar-Fellow, University of Washington, School of Medicine
2021 · Social work

Yuanjin Zhou

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Steve Hicks School of Social Work
2021 · Social work

Asia Bishop

Assistant Professor, University of Washington-Tacoma
2018 · Social work

Sarah Jen

Assistant Professor, School of Social Welfare, Kansas University
2018 · Social work

William Gochberg

Technical Climate Policy Analysis, Wildlife Works
2017 · Social work

Minhui Liu

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of the Xiangya-Oceanwide Health Management Research Institute, Central South University
2017 · Social work

Rebecca Rebbe

Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2017 · Social work

Joan Michele Ryan

PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania
2017 · Social work

Christopher Cambron

Associate Professor, University of Utah
2016 · School of social work

Christopher Fleming

Research Scientist, Boise State University
2016 · School of social work

Chiho Song

Assistant Professor, The Catholic University of Korea
2015 · School of social work

Yu-Ling Chang

Assistant Professor, Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley
2014 · Social work

Kari Gloppen

Senior Epidemiologist, Minnesota Department of Health
2014 · Social work

Ji Young Kang

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Chungnam National University
2014 · Social work

Bo Kyung "Elizabeth" Kim

Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
2014 · School of social work

Allison Kristman-Valente

Clinical Research Scientist, Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute
2014 · Social work

Joseph Mienko

Senior Research Scientist, Partners for Our Children, School of Social Work, University of Washington
2014 · Social work

JoAnn Lee

Associate Professor, George Mason University
2012 · Social work

Mark Williams

Associate Professor, Fitchburg State University
2012 · Social work

Carrie A. Moylan

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Michigan State University
2010 · Social work

Seunghye Hong

Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health, Department of Social Work
2009 · Social work

Patricia Logan-Greene

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (as of 5/23), University at Buffalo
2009 · Social work

Xiang Gao

Associate Professor, Peking University
2007 · Social work