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Ben Marwick


Professor, Anthropology

Research Interests

Archaeological Field and Lab Research


The Rockerverse: Packages and Applications for Containerization with R
Daniel NÜst, Dirk Eddelbuettel, Dom Bennett, Robrecht Cannoodt, Dav Clark, Gergely Daroczi, Mark Edmondson, Colin Fay, Ellis Hughes, Lars Kjeldgaard, Sean Lopp, Ben Marwick, Heather Nolis, Jacqueline Nolis, Hong Ooi, Karthik Ram, Noam Ross, Lori Shepherd, Péter Sólymos, Tyson Lee Swetnam, Nitesh Turaga, Charlotte Van Petegem, Jason Williams, Craig Willis, Nan Xiao
The Rocker Project provides widely used Docker images for R across different application scenarios. This article surveys downstream projects that build upon…

Truth, Proof, and Reproducibility: There's no counter-attack for the codeless
Charles T. Gray, Ben Marwick
Current concerns about reproducibility in many research communities can be traced back to a high value placed on empirical reproducibility of the physical…

How to Read a Research Compendium
Daniel NÜst, Carl Boettiger, Ben Marwick
Researchers spend a great deal of time reading research papers. Keshav (2012) provides a three-pass method to researchers to improve their reading skills. This…