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Testing for Nodal Dependence in Relational Data Matrices

Alexander Volfovsky and Peter D. Hoff

June 2013 CSSS Working Paper #132



Relational data are often represented as a square matrix, the entries of which record the relationships between pairs of objects. Many statistical methods for the analysis of such data assume some degree of similarity or dependence between objects in terms of the way they relate to each other. However, formal tests for such dependence have not been developed. We provide a test for such dependence using the framework of the matrix normal model, a type of multivariate normal distribution parameterized in terms of row-and column-specific covariance matrices. We develop a likelihood ratio test (LRT) for row and column dependence based on the observation of a single relational data matrix. We obtain a reference distribution for the LRT statistic, thereby providing an exact test for the presence of row or column
correlations in a square relational data matrix. Additionally, we provide extensions of the test to accommodate common features of such data, such as undefined diagonal entries, a non-zero mean, multiple observations, and deviations from normality.

Keywords: Networks, Matrix normal, hypothesis testing, Maximum likelihood