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Payday Loans

In March 2005, Seattle P-I reporter Phuong Cat Le approached the UW statistical consulting service, for help in determining whether Washington's 'Pay-Day' loan businesses target blacks and the military.

The short answer: they do.

This talk will trace the long answer, walking through the phases of data analysis, modeling and causal analysis.

I hope to provide and receive insight on at least the following three topics:
- Statistical modeling of social datasets
- Tackling questions of causality in social statistical research
- The broader social implications of this particular phenomenon.

The words "New Orleans" might be mentioned.

I will be grateful if you prepare to contribute to the discussion by reading the two-part P-I article (Google "Phuong Le Payday" and "Phuong Le Payday soldier"), and browsing my consulting report ( At least the P-I articles make a good reading.